Pictures:: Body architecture © Jitti Chompee/ 18 Monkeys Dance Theatre 2023



Premiere: 22.11.2024

The Unfolding Kafka Festival (Bangkok, TH)


followed by tour in Laos and India and in 2025 in Europe


In collaboration with The Unfolding Kafka Festival (Bangkok, Thailand)


In coproduction with: Kunstfest Weimar (German premiere), Beethovenfest Bonn, Pumpenhaus Münster,  Theater im Ballsaal Bonn, Ringlokschuppen Ruhr Mülheim


Funded by Kunststiftung NRW, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bundesstadt Bonn 


With Jitti Chompee, Rafaële Giovanola, Justin F. Kennedy, Sombat Simla, , Cristina Commisso, Bojana Mitrovic, Louis Thuriot, Álvaro Esteban, Nora Montsecour, Cristina Commisso, Marin Lemic,  Szymon Wojcik,  and others • Dramaturgy: Rainald Endrass

• Costumes: Fa-Hsuan Chen • Press work: Fabiana Uhart, Rainald Endrass • Video:  Michael Maurissens, • Social media: Maud Richard • Production: Marcus Bomski • Administration: Maxime Rappaz, Till Skoruppa • Management: Godlive Lavani, Aurélie Martin

About MO[RAM]LAM  


CocoonDance's productions are ideally both research and art projects, integrating mediation work, artistic research and production in a more coherent way. "Mo[ram]lam" (working title) is conceived as an exchange in which we performers, make music, learn and experiment together. For CocoonDance Company, the aim is to explore new working practices, to enter into a dialogue that expands one's perspective to the undiscovered. Diversity and collaborative artistic interplay are primary. CocoonDance is known for its collaborative, process-oriented working method, and this approach forms the artistic basis of the piece. Creative experiments with movement have emerged from the collaborative research of workshops with multiple performative universes.


Like CocoonDance's previous projects, "Mo[ram]lam" is based on the strategy of exchange and the working glossary, but for CocoonDance it also includes new topics and fields of research, exploring the building and use of musical structures, the voice as

a bodily organ and part of the body, and communication within

a chorus of Thai/Laotian Mo-lam singers, musicians and dancers.


Mo-lam artists have a talent for reinterpretation. They respond to influences, cultural changes and commercialisation through hybridisation, skilfully integrating Western genres and trends with very strong traditional local origins. Influenced by a variety of cultural and musical idioms, Mo-lam is dynamically evolving, branching out into numerous styles and formats, and committed to interdisciplinary and intercultural fusion with Western contemporary dance.