Rehearsal photos:© Walter Vorjohann

 Teaser: © D32 moving visual content Stefan Knauer



Ensemble Modern & CocoonDance company

HAUCH #2 (2021/23) 

– Music for dance. A musical collage by Rebecca Saunders in a choreography by Rafaële Giovanola


World Premiere: 18.02.2024, LAB Frankfurt  

28.2.2024, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg


Ensemble Modern : Eva Böcker,  Paul Cannon, David Haller, Christian Hommel, Megumi Kasakawa, Giorgos Panagiotidis, Sava Stoianov, Ueli Wiget 


• Choreography: Rafaële Giovanola in collaboration with:  Martina De Dominicis, Léonce Noah Konan, Colas Lucot, Bojana Mitrovic, Nora Monsecour • Light design: Matthias Rieker • Sound design: Norbert Ommer • Dramaturgy: Rainald Endraß • Costume: Fa-Hsuan Chen • Outside Eye: Álvaro Esteban • Production: Marcus Bomski  • Administration: Till Skoruppa 

About HAUCH#2


HAUCH #2 is a collage for music and dance. Here, passages and fragments of existing solo pieces and a duet merge within a new work. Along the way, Saunders is interested in the tensions arising when the »soliloquies« of the solos clash in a shared space, superimposing one another and interweaving. The result is a carpet of sound upon which the dancers move in a choreography by Rafaële Giovanola. This emphasizes the physicality of the two artistic means of expression, a physicality binding them together.

In the performance of 'Hauch #2', music and dance enter into a physical dialog with existing modules. Although the material that the composer and choreographer bring with them was created in complete independence from each other, it will be recombined in

a joint development process in order to open up new perspectives from the encounter. It is precisely the tension between aesthetic independence and artistic dialog that makes the concept of

HAUCH #2 so special.


The reworking of HAUCH, HAUCH #2, is the second collaboration with Ensemble Modern after the enthusiastically received world premiere of HARD BOILED VARIATIONS by Arnulf Herrmann in 2022. Ensemble Modern has been working intensively with the exceptional composer Rebecca Saunders for multiple years.

HAUCH #2 is conceived from the outset as a polyphonic spatial installation in which musical and choreographic modules enter into a dialogue with one another and form a shared dynamic network.


There are great affinities in the working methods of Rebecca Saunders, Rafaële Giovanola and the CocoonDance ensemble, as well as in the conception of artistic production between CocoonDance and the Ensemble Modern, one of the world's best-known and leading formations for contemporary music. Founded in 1980 and based in Frankfurt am Main, 18 soloists currently determine the activities of this democratically organized ensemble decide on artistic projects, collaborators, and more.