The study of language, as an instrument for capturing, clarifying and archiving movement, has become a core element of CocoonDance's movement research. Since 2017, the company has developed a steadily growing glossary with the aim of creating an open archive that not only stores the collectively gained knowledge, but is constantly dialogically re-examined, supplemented and shared. As a result of the glossary work a special working method has evolved that at the same time proves to be a more efficient way of communicating -- not only in the context of working with professional dancers, but also non-academic dancers.


Here you can download our glossary booklets free of charge.  


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Here you can download the MoveApp (still as a demo version) free of charge. 


Link to download the App 

- for Android devices

- for IOS/ Apple devices



How can a choreographic language be created, explained and shared? CocoonDance examined this question by developing a movement vocabulary based on the movement material of its pieces.


With the support of Pro Helvetia's "Close Distance" funding program, CocoonDance has developed its glossary work into an interactive medium that is available online free of charge to all interested parties. The MoveApp aims to assist users to explore and expand the possibility space of their bodies through terms and their explanations. How the individual bodies / users themselves interpret the linguistic descriptions is intentionally kept open. Primarily, new terms and their influence on movement and body perception should flow into the app. Third-party input is explicitly welcome so that this will grow beyond the movement knowledge of CocoonDance. Other performers, dancers and choreographers are invited to contribute and leave their mark on the app. The long-term goal is to develop a tool that enables a large number of movement practitioners to create movements and body images, to explore and to engage in an exchange with each other.